Financial Education


PAEYC, in conjunction with PNC Grow Up Great are on the frontier of educating children and their families on the importance of Sharing, Saving and Spending. Thanks to a grant  from PNC Bank, PAEYC will be providing hands on activities at family events in the seven county region for which the PNC footprint is located to help share the message of the Sesame Workshop “For Me, for You, for Later”.  This initiative will allow children to be exposed to fun, hands-on-activities that will:

  • Help children explore the meaning of choices and values
  • Encourage families to discuss the ideas of spending, sharing and saving
  • Show families that learning about financial basics can happen anytime and anywhere throughout their day

Please look for “For Me, for You, For Later” materials and activities on:

  • Saturday, April 14 at Play-A-Palooza in Schenley Park (sponsored by My Pitt Pals)
  • Friday, April 20 at “Kindergarten Here I Come” at the Children’s Museum
  • Saturday, April 21 at the Greene County Child Fest at the Greene County Fairgrounds

Future dates to be announced.  Hope to see you there!

Additional financial education resources

PNC Grow Up Great resources for parents/caregivers