Month of the Young Child 2017 Events Announced

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The Pittsburgh Association for The Education of Young Children (​PAEYC​) is celebrating its annual, ​Month of the Young Child this April with several events.  

“During this month, PAEYC takes time to reflect on how we – as citizens of this community, state, and nation – will better meet the needs of all young children and their families,” said Cara Ciminillo, PAEYC Executive Director. “In doing so, we also celebrate those who work daily to do what’s best for children.” 

First established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (​NAEYC​) in April 1971 as a, Week of the Young Child, PAEYC and its partners from across Pennsylvania decided to designate the entire month of April as the, ​Month of the Young Child several years ago. 

One such collaboration for the ​Month of The Young Child will include Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto’s Office of Early Childhood Education, the City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety, PAEYC, and the Southwest Regional Key. Together they will co-host, “Emergency Planning Professional Development Day” on April 6 to train early care and education professionals on CPR, first-aid, fire safety, and emergency planning. This event was coordinated in response to findings from the ​Child Care Needs Assessment​ conducted by the Women’s Caucus of City Council for the City of Pittsburgh. 

While registration is now closed for this date, several other sessions will be scheduled throughout the year. 

"It's an honor to partner with PAEYC to celebrate early childhood professionals and educators and focus on the importance of high-quality care and education for young Pittsburghers during the Month of the Young Child," said Mayor William Peduto. "High-quality childcare and early education resources are essential for helping children and families grow, learn, explore and thrive." 

From FREE programs for children and families, to a Celebration Dinner for professionals, the ​Month of the Young Child provides an opportunity for everyone to be involved. For more information visit: ​​. For details on NAEYC’s ​Week of the Young Child April 24 - 28, visit: ​​. 

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