PAEYC Staff Interview: Ask The Experts - Quality Early Learning Radio Show

LISTEN to the full interview here.

Katie Gullone is the Program Associate for Education Products of the Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children (PAEYC).

In her interview on Ask the Experts - Quality Early Learning Radio Show, Katie discusses PAEYC’s Community Innovation Zone project, which involves the expansion of the “ Messages From Me” (MFM) program into PAEYC's Early Learning Hub. MFM provides a technological means of visual and verbal communication with family members for children ages 3-­‐6 within their early childhood programs. Children use MFM to take a photo and record a message and send the photo and message to a registered adult. In addition, educators receive professional development regarding technology and its effective use, as well as technical support while utilizing MFM. It is an identified exemplar of the PA Key Digital Media Literacy project.

John Pozza, Community Innovation Zone Specialist with the Pennsylvania Key, co-hosts this half hour talk radio program with Joe Taylor on quality early learning. The program airs every other Friday morning at 9:05 am on Connect FM 96.7 and 107.9 in DuBois, Pennsylvania. The program will also be simulcast on the station's website at and is available for replay via the program's YouTube channel.

Katie's interview will be broadcast on 3/3 at 9:05 a.m. Listen to the full interview here.