PA's Promise For Children Family Photo Shoot

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PA’s Promise for Children is looking for families with children under age six with and without disabilities, inclusive of ability, race, gender and ethnicity for our photo sessions in Pittsburgh on April 10!

Families will be scheduled for 2 hour sessions. There is no cost to you. Photos will highlight developmental milestones, fun family activities that can help young children learn and grow. Your story will also be posted on the website to share with other families!

Participating families receive

  • A free professional 8×10″ family photo print
  • Families receive $20 per hour reimbursement time for your time
  • Reimbursement for travel. Allowable expenses include:
  • Up to one nights lodging prior to event for those who live more than 50 miles from location.
  • Meals if there is an overnight stay. Dinner ($20+18% tip) if precedes overnight; Breakfast ($7+tip) if follows overnight.
  • Mileage to be reimbursed at $.54 per mile, tolls, and parking.

Participants are asked to make their own lodging reservations. Participants should keep track of mileage and all expense receipts to be submitted for reimbursement.

Families must sign photo/video releases on the day of the photo session.

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