Research Opportunity in Pittsburgh Area

PAEYC is currently seeking interested pre-k teachers in the Pittsburgh area for a research study. The project develops and researches the integration of Peg + Cat into their classroom combining digital media, early care, and education professional development. Teacher and sitewide incentives will be provided and the requirements are minimal. 

Please see below for additional details.


Research Opportunity:

This project develops and researches the integration of Peg + Cat (an animated, math-based PBS television series for preschoolers), combining digital media, and professional development (PD) for those in the early care and education field. This program is designed to enhance educators' ability to support preschoolers social-emotional learning in the context of math activities, and, in turn, their interest and engagement in math.


Participating teachers must have classrooms in the Pittsburgh area with children ages three- to five-years-old. Children in these classrooms will be randomly selected to participate in the research*. Research activities include teacher and family questionnaires twice per year, teacher focus groups, and classroom filming. A training session will be provided in advance.


Open to Pittsburgh area pre-k classrooms with children between three- to five-years-old. 

Contact Katie Gullone at to register today.