Parent Resources


We know that your child’s education is important to you, but sometimes it’s overwhelming to think about everything a child needs. What’s the best school for she or he to attend? What is it that we are to look for in terms of a provider? Likewise, parents need to know that they are not alone. There are plenty of resources in our community to help make the experience of parenting both a well supported and rewarding one. 

Here at PAEYC we would like to make it a little easier for you. That’s why we’ve compiled an assortment of resources to help you make the tough decisions. Your child deserves the finest opportunities available and we’re here to help.

On the following pages we have compiled resources for finding a quality provider to opportunities and ideas for exposing your child to early literacy, financial education and science. Additionally, we have included information on parent support groups as well as other fun opportunities in our 10 county area.

If you know of other resources that would be helpful to you as a parent, then please, drop us a note