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Ensuring young children have the proper resources to learn and grow is a tough job for everyone involved. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive some benefits as a reward for all of the hard work you do? With, you’ll earn these benefits and much more! As a valued member of PAEYC, you will be eligible for cost savings from numerous companies, while also gaining full access to a variety of tools and services that will make life a little easier. Think of it as a big ‘Thank You’ for all of the support you provide to early childhood education. will provide you with savings of up to 20% on everything from groceries to educational supplies and even insurance. You’ll also be provided with help for your day-to-day tasks – and the best part is all of these incredible features come free with your PAEYC membership. For member access, contact Rose Snyder at PennAEYC. For more information, visit or visit their FAQ.