Public Policy Agenda

The PAEYC 2017-2018 Public Policy Agenda was developed to establish our position on what's best for children. Through our advocacy work and the collaboration and support of the community and individuals like you, we work to meet these goals daily. Join us and add your voice today.

Read or download the full or summary versions of the Public Policy Agenda.


Do What's Best for Children

  • Advance the use of developmentally appropriate practices.
  • End early childhood suspensions and explusions.
  • Make inclusion the norm.

Invest Adequately

  • Increase access to high quality Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) classrooms.
  • Increase access to high-quality infant and toddler care. 
  • Provide resources for child care providers to increase and maintain quality.
  • Transform the early childhood profession.

Enhance Quality

  • Align quality ratings to the factors that improve child outcomes through positive interactions.
  • Leverage resources and partnerships.