A Review of Pre-Kindergarten Expansion in U.S. Cities

While the years between birth and age eight mark many milestones in the learning continuum, pre-kindergarten (pre-k) focuses intently on the transition to elementary education.

Cities often choose pre-k as a natural “first step” to engage young learners and increase the potential for future academic success. The following report (Increasing Early Care and Education Opportunities in Pittsburgh: A Review of Pre-Kindergarten Expansion in U.S. Cities) details the processes and outcomes of pre-k initiatives across the country. Pittsburgh’s initial pre-k momentum mirrors that of many other cities.

The Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children (PAEYC) viewed the information through a regional lens, aiming for a comprehensive overview that would highlight opportunities and identify potential challenges for Pittsburgh to consider.

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PAEYC is grateful to Emily Neff who was the lead author and editor of this report as part of her work through PAEYC as a Coro Public Policy Fellow. Emily persisted through many versions of this report and coordinated the research and writing of several PAEYC staff including Sarah Byrne-Houser, Chad Dorn, and Lissa Geiger Shulman. We appreciate Emily's leadership in assembling this report.